10 of Our Editors' Hands-Down Favorite Bath and Body Works Products

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Black Chamomile Body Wash & Foam Bath

Walking into Bath & Body Works is truly a magical experience. Everyone is smiling, it smells of a mix of baked goods and fresh flowers, and pretty packaging surrounds you with bright, cheerful colors. It’s no wonder we can’t leave without at least two new candles, some hand soap, and the newest body lotion fragrance in toe (how it keeps coming up with all of these new scents, we’ll never know).

Even our beauty editors — who have the privilege of trying a ton of new beauty products every month — have an undeniable soft spot for Bath & Body Works. Whether it be a refreshing face mist, best-selling luxurious body lotion, or seasonal candle, we all have our favorite products that we like to keep on hand (and regularly stock up on during one of its sales).

Find out what a few of our editors favorite Bath & Body Works products are, ahead.

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