4 Key Tips For Choosing Between a Powder Foundation and a Liquid Foundation

When it comes to foundation preferences, people usually fall into one of two categories: those that think liquid is superior and those that will forever sing the praises of powder. Set up a debate on which foundation consistency is the all-time best between team powder and team liquid, and you are sure to get a lively discussion filled with some very valid points on either side.

The truth is, no one is going to truly win that argument, because foundation preferences are based on so many factors, skin type, coverage needs, and more.

Not sure what foundation you prefer? Keep scrolling for four tips that’ll help you choose which consistency is right for you.

Ponder Your Personal Preferences

Perhaps you’re more comfortable applying liquid products than powder. Maybe you like the way powder products feel on your skin more than liquid. Personal preference is a huge part of deciding what foundation consistency to use. Considering and dissecting your inclinations in other product categories will only help you in your foundation search.

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