Can Upgrading Your Bath Towel Really Transform Your Skin?

Skin-friendly bacteria have become a hot topic in the beauty world, even though the thought still might make you squirm. Poetry has been waxed about the wonders of keeping your skin’s natural microbiome in check, so much so that you might forget that there are microorganisms you don’t want invited to the party. Resorè—a new towel brand backed by ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—makes the case that good skin starts with a high-tech towel.

Yes: towels have officially entered the skin care universe. Launching today in the United States, Resorè specializes in face and body towels created from antibacterial and sensitive-skin-friendly materials. This includes antimicrobial Silverbac and sustainable Tencel Lyocell, both of which “work to breakdown germs and odors, stopping the spread and incubation of 99.9% of bacteria and potent skin irritants in your towel that can harm your skin,” according to the press release. Unlike traditional towels that can harbor acne-causing and inflammatory bacteria, the Resorè towels use textile technology to keep themselves clean, ideal for those with sensitive and reactive skin.

You won’t have to give up your love for fluffy, fresh-out-of-the-dryer style towels, too, even if you don’t have to throw your Resorè set into the wash as often (a perk, in our opinion). The Resorè body towel ($99) and face towel ($35) are notably plush—both feature a whopping 700 GSM weight, for the textile enthusiasts reading. If you don’t speak towel, think of the thickest, most luxurious-feeling ones you’ve wrapped yourself up in at a hotel.

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand. The antibacterial fibers can not only be washed less often, but they can also be washed with shorter cycles and with cool water. The packaging is also recyclable and biodegradable.

And while nice, everything about the Resorè towel harkens back to your skin. The soft, dense material doesn’t drag across your skin when you’re drying off; meanwhile, the fabric wards off inflammation- and blemish-causing microbes. The fibers also dry your hair 40 percent faster than traditional cotton. It’s the most luxurious, upgraded bath and face towel we’ve ever tried.

Oh, and both are available in white as well as “toasted almond,” an Instagram-ready beige—because this is one towel you can expect to see all over Instagram. Shop both sizes of the Resorè towel, ahead.

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