How parents can look after their baby's skin in winter

You might have a ten-step skincare routine that levels up in winter, but what about your baby?

While babies may not have to worry about signs of ageing or applying all sorts of skincare, thought still needs to be given to proper skincare to keep young children feeling good.

And as the weather gets colder, the way you care for your baby’s skin needs to adapt, too.

This is because babies’ skin is extremely vulnerable to the elements, and even the slightest change in weather can cause skin conditions, such as eczema, to flare up.

We chatted with the expert team at biodegradable baby wipe brand Aqua Wipes to find out the essential changes parents and carers should make to their baby’s skincare routine in colder weather.

Have shorter baths

It’s easy to assume that when it’s cold, a long, hot bath is the best thing.

But that’s not actually the case.

‘Prolonged time in the bath can result in drying out the skin,’ say the Aqua Wipes team.

‘Keep bath times to a minimum and for only as long as you need to wash the areas that need cleaning.

‘Newborns only need to be bathed around three times a week, which is a guide number to stick to throughout the winter.’

Avoid overheating

Again, it’s tempting to put the heat on full blast every time you come in from the cold. But exercise caution.

‘We want our babies to be as cosy as possible, but there is a risk that constant heat can also dry out their skin,’ say the experts. ‘It’s best to keep the house at a constant temperature that is comfortable to sleep in but not so warm that your baby is wearing less layers to remain cool.’

Avoid products with perfumes

This is ‘the number one rule’ when it comes to caring for your baby’s skin – don’t use perfumed products.

Sure, a nice scented cream will make your baby smell great, but it can easily irritate delicate skin that’s already vulnerable due to the cold weather.

‘Try to keep things as natural as possible,’ say the experts.

Up the moisturising

‘The number one issue for most babies during the winter will be dry skin,’ say Aqua Wipes. ‘Much like adults, we have the same problem and know to overload on moisturiser during these months. The same applies to your baby.

‘Moisturising can be a huge help for both preventing and treating dry skin as it creates a barrier to stop the cold weather doing damage and also re-hydrates the skin.

‘This will be an essential in your baby’s skincare routine that you can enjoy too during massage time; locking in all that healthy moisture.’

Treat any flare-ups

Even if you do everything right, babies still might have skin issues in the winter time. Don’t panic – just know how to treat the issue and get your baby’s skin back on track.

‘Skin conditions such as eczema are extremely common with little ones and can be especially problematic in the winter, causing inflammation and redness,’ say the experts. ‘If this condition occurs, hydration will be the key to combatting it.

‘To prevent any further irritation, make sure you look into the best products for eczema specifically.

‘These need to be full of moisture, free of harsh chemicals and add soothing properties to your skincare routine.’

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