This Modern Take on Hole-Punch Nails Is Making Us Starry-Eyed

Star Hole-Punch Nails

To our delight, hole-punch manicures will soon be available in a star variety. We recently fell in love with the trend after seeing heart-shaped holes on the nails of Rita Ora and learning that the gel extensions were a collaboration between Apres Nail and her manicurist, Britney Tokyo.

It seems Apres has teamed up with yet another popular nail artist, Miho Okawara, to bring us a new take on the trend. For this collaboration, the nails have star-shaped holes, rather than hearts. Okawara posted the look on Instagram, announcing a presale is now available for the coveted product. While we can’t get our hands on them yet, these are leaving us starry-eyed.

Ahead, check out our favorite star nail art to tide you over until the launch.

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