Trust Us, This "Black Cherry" Hair Color Looks Even More Delicious Than It Sounds

Trust Us, This “Black Cherry” Hair Color Looks Even More Delicious Than It Sounds

We’re not sure about you, but we have yet to get tired of hearing about all of the delicious-sounding hair-color trends that are about to be everywhere this fall. Shades like chocolate almond and black espresso have already captured our attention and left us wanting to pencil in a DIY coloring session, and now there’s a new hue we’re looking at for the colder months: black cherry.

As you might have guessed, this color fuses deep red hues into dark brown or black hair. “Black cherry is best for fall being it is a rich tone made up with a combination of deep violets and burgundy and black,” Liz Burns, creative director and lead stylist at Goldie x Bob Salon, told POPSUGAR. “It looks best on a darker brunette base and can complement dark umber, olive, yellow to pale skin tones.”

According to Burns, making the color pop all depends on the placement. “I like it woven throughout the hair to give more of an all-over moody glow . . . almost an iridescent kind of effect,” she said. “On the opposing end, it’s also cool when it’s applied to a portion of the head, such as dip dye or a split dye.”

Read ahead for some black-cherry hair-color inspiration.

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