Watch Jasmine Kennedie Devour This Showgirl Look

Our series Cosmo Queens is all about highlighting some of the standout talents in the drag queen industry. Trust me, there are quite a few. Since live shows have been canceled in the past year due to the…you know what, queens have been utilizing the virtual stage now more than ever. This week’s guest, Jasmine Kennedie, told Cosmo a bit about what that’s been like from a performer’s perspective.

“My life since starting quarantine in March of 2020 is the complete opposite of where I thought my life would be pre-pandemic. Going from working 4-5 nights a week to no gigs for months was definitely a test on my ability to adapt with the times and be able to still work as a drag queen.”

Oh, but adapt she did! Jasmine’s been dropping consistently killer looks on her Instagram, and in today’s episode of Cosmo Queens, we got the full behind-the-scenes preview of her makeup process!! Jasmine paired her dramatic glam with an all-green ensemble that was hella eye-catching. Think Emerald City meets Marilyn Monroe in “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” That’ll give you a good idea of what vibe she was on. Side note: this video taught me that sleeve-length gloves with your initials bedazzled on them are the ultimate power accessory. I need to go order some stat.

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