4 White Police Officers Spark Outrage After Posing For A Photo With A Black Man They Had Arrested

In another episode of what the hell is wrong with people…

A team of white police officers has come under fire after posing for a picture with a Black man they had just arrested. The photo emerged a day after Eric Boykin got busted for allegedly robbing a Hancock Bank and fleeing the scene in Prentiss, Mississippi.

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According to The Independent, the massive search included officers from multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and ATF. He was later found in a wooded area about 600 yards from the bank he was accused of holding up with a handgun. And here is where we all go what the actual f**k… Afterward, the police officers decided to take a problematic snapshot of Boykin being flanked by four white men and three police dogs.

Yeah, you read that right. Who honestly thinks this was okay to do???

Of course, the image immediately sparked controversy on social media as people slammed the guys for turning the serious situation into a dehumanizing photo-op. One person on Twitter simply put:

“I am sitting here in utter disbelief. NO WORDS.”

Another user wrote:

“This isn’t evidence, it’s not proof of anyone’s injuries (or lack thereof). It’s a trophy.”

A third commented:

“They knew exactly what it meant. This is the very reason why a total remake of policing in America is needed. It’s time to hold police accountable. Start with implied immunity. Every police officer should wear a camera, and buy there own insurance for civil liability.”

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And someone else shared how the picture demonstrates the need for reform:

“This type of behavior is why police reform is absolutely necessary! These people have no sense of humanity!”

Criminal justice reporter Josie Duffy Rice also tweeted:

“So either 1) none of the people involved, from the officers to the news station to the staffer who posted this, realized what a bad look this is or 2) they do know how it looks, and that’s why they posted it. Those are the only two possibilities! and they are both very very bad.”

Then, journalist Yashar Ali went on to call out WLBT for this disgusting headline and tweet:

As of right now, the four officers have not been identified to the public. Boykin has since been charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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