9 Marvel Stars Who Have Played More Than One Character in the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is made up of a plethora of not only superheroes but also ordinary folks whose faces have come to delight us whenever they appear on screen. But as the universe – soon to be multiverse – grows, there’s been a perhaps unsurprising trend: familiar faces cropping up where they shouldn’t be.

When Gemma Chan was announced as the de facto lead of the upcoming Eternals movie, it caused some people to scratch their heads. She had just starred in Captain Marvel – not just cameoed but properly featured as a named character in a supporting, but important, role.

Who else has doubled up their character-time in the MCU? Read on to find out.

Gemma Chan

As we just mentioned, the inspiration for our research into this casting phenomenon was Gemma Chan, the star of Eternals. She plays Sersi in the Chloe Zhao-directed Phase 4 film. But she previously appeared as Doctor Minerva in Captain Marvel. Yes, she may have been covered in blue paint, but it was undeniably and recognizably her.

Laura Haddock

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