A handful of Republicans are lightly acknowledging Joe Biden’s victory

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This week has been pretty bad in the sense that we can see, yet again, how so many Republicans are perfectly willing to go along with their deranged cult leader’s unhinged delusions. I personally think Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave elected Republicans permission, with his speech on Monday, to continue living in MAGA Fantasyland, where Donald Trump has some sort of reasonable case to subvert the election results (Trump does not). So, in the days that have passed, it’s been a situation where a couple of GOP party elders and only a handful of elected Republicans are trying to talk some sense into Trump and his lunatic death-cult. Karl Rove wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed where he was basically telling Trump to concede with grace and welcome the transition. A few Republicans governors are also gently trying to tell Trump to concede:

Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday that the country needs to consider Joe Biden the President-elect — joining a growing list of Republican allies to President Donald Trump who say the 2020 race is over.

“I think that we need to consider the former vice president as the President-elect. Joe Biden is the President-elect,” DeWine told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.” DeWine, who endorsed Trump for a second term, said that the President and his campaign have “every right” to bring legal challenges contesting the election results, and that the courts “are the best place, frankly, to adjudicate facts.” He said he doesn’t know the merits of the Trump campaign’s case, but said it appears Biden will be the next in office.

“Look, I’m worried about this virus, I’m not looking at what the merits of the case are. It would appear that Joe Biden is going to be the next president of the United States,” he said.

Trump conservative radio ally Hugh Hewitt wrote in The Washington Post that “Trump in 2020 won for everyone in the party but himself” and now “must look forward.” Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera tweeted Wednesday to Trump: “Time coming soon to say goodbye with grace & dignity.”

Two Republican governors who did not back the President’s reelection, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, also separately criticized Trump for stalling the presidential transition during the Covid-19 pandemic. DeWine on Thursday argued that the country now needs to move forward after the election and unify to combat a “common enemy” — the coronavirus pandemic.

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Personally, I don’t know why there isn’t more of this coming from elected Republicans and people within the Trump administration as well. At this point, what’s the worst that can happen? A fascist loser will target you in a tweet? Sure, that’s probably a legit concern, but consider this – you might actually save your professional reputation if you just acknowledge the fact of Biden’s victory.

Meanwhile, Republican senators Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, John Thune, Rob Portman and James Lankford have all gone on the record saying that Biden should now be receiving the presidential daily briefing, which still isn’t happening. It’s also insane to me that NO Republican is demanding that crybaby loser Trump doesn’t spend his final weeks in office pushing for a coronavirus stimulus bill, especially given the horrific covid numbers this month.

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