Abby Lee Miller Says She Loves Britney, Wants to Help Her Dance Form

Abby Lee Miller says her dancing tip for Britney Spears was well-intentioned, and she thinks Brit would understand … and Abby’s offering more advice if she wants it!

The “Dance Moms” star tells TMZ … she loves Britney and just wants her to be her best, which is why she critiqued the singer’s video with “Close your rib cage!” … a recommendation she says is pretty basic stuff in the dance world.

Abby explains she had much more to share, but decided to keep it simple because she knows Britney’s going through a lot … but she couldn’t resist trying to help her a little bit.

Of course, Brit’s fans didn’t see it that way and went after Abby for her unsolicited advice … but she insists she meant no harm.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In fact, Abby says she might reach out to Britney privately to offer more guidance … or if Britney’s interested, her dance door is open.

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