Adjoa Andoh is under fire for calling the coronation balcony terribly white

I usually try not to get bogged down in royal “side stories” of commentator-beefs and public reactions to royal commentary, but this one if just too bonkers to ignore. So, ITV covered the coronation and there was a panel of royal experts and just regular people and celebrities. One of those celebrities was British actress Adjoa Andoh, perhaps best known internationally as Lady Danbury on Bridgerton. After the balcony wave from Buckingham Palace, Andoh said on air: “We have gone from the rich diversity of the Abbey to a terribly white balcony. I am very struck by that. I am also looking at those younger generations and thinking: ‘What are the nuances that they will inhabit when they grow?’” Here’s the clip, and I’m sorry about embedding a tweet from a racist:

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Yeah, Andoh was saying what literally millions of other people said or thought when the Windsors came out onto the palace balcony, which is: wow, those are some white people and that’s really not a good representation of a modern Britain. Well, the British reaction to Andoh’s completely normal commentary is to… accuse her of being a racist. Racist against white folks.

Ofcom has been flooded with complaints after a Bridgerton star told ITV that the view of Buckingham Palace balcony was ‘terribly white’ on Coronation Day. Numerous people have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage towards Adjoa Andoh’s views during ITV’s coverage of King Charles on Saturday.

One commenter slammed Ms Andoh’s comments as ‘ridiculous’, tweeting: ‘How can she get away with that? Anyone of white colour would have to make a public apology.’

A spokesman for Ofcom told MailOnline: ‘Any complaints we receive on this issue will be assessed against our broadcast rules, before we decide whether to investigate or not.’

The Netflix star has insisted that she ‘didn’t mean to upset anyone’ after sparking backlash amidst the crowning of King Charles and Queen Camilla. In a rush to quickly extinguish any backlash, Ms Andoh, who was speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday morning show with Paddy O’Connell yesterday, said: ‘I think I upset a few people yesterday. I was talking about the day and how marvellous it was and then looking at the balcony at the end and suddenly going: “Oh it’s so white!” because the day had been so mixed and I didn’t mean to upset anybody.’

The details of any incident attracting more than 50 Ofcom complaints are published every Wednesday.

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“Anyone of white colour would have to make a public apology.” I wish Britain was real. Jesus H. I mean, America has huge problems, obviously, and we have huge problems around race and racism. That being said, this kind of commentary would be completely normal on American television. What’s especially galling is that this was literally the discussion before, during and after the coronation: how King Charles hung the “whites only” sign on the balcony and they were all making such a big f–king deal about publicly excluding the mixed-race members of the family. Oh well!

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