Amber Portwood Reunites with Daughter! FINALLY!

Amber Portwood is coming off quite the special weekend.

Because she celebrated the birthday of our nation along with millions of other residents?

No. At least that’s not the only reason.

On Saturday, the very troubled Teen Mom OG star shared a brand new photo of her 11-year old daughter, Leah.

It was the first time Amber had posted an Instagram photo of her first-born since November.

“Beautiful day with my amazing love’s,” wrote Portwood as a caption to the following snapshot.

Why was this so notable? For a couple reasons:

First… wow! Leah is looking like an exact clone of her famous mother these days, isn’t she? It’s uncanny.

Second… Amber got arrested almost exactly one year ago for domestic violence against then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

As a result, she was banned from seeing her second child, a son named James, for several months — and, as far as we know, still cannot see James without a court-appointed supervisor.

Portwood was still able to see Leah, however, because Glennon wasn’t holding her (the way he was actually holding James) at the time of Amber’s alleged attack last July.

But still:

Amber’s time with her daughter has been quite limited of late as well.

The controversial reality star has been very busy trying to stay out of jail, while also dealing with the terms of her probation.

She previously pleaded guilty to felony domestic battery and intimidation in connection with the incident last year, in which Glennon told authorities that she hit him – and brandished a machete – as he held their son.

The altercation took place on July Fourth after Amber blamed Andrew for their family missing out on a fireworks show.

The embattled mother of two also pleaded guilty to two domestic battery charges in June of 2011 in connection with an attack on Leah’s dad, Gary Shirley.

We’re starting to think Amber may have an anger problem.

These days, though, Amber and Gary are surprisingly on very good terms.

“It’s like he’s just part of the family,” she told E! News in June of 2019, adding:

“I think when I started looking at him like that, it really made everything much more easier – and vice versa. He was the same. He had to look at me that way, too.

“And now, it’s like, we’re always in each other’s lives because of Leah.”

Overall, Portwood seems to be doing a lot better these days.

She recently shared the following photo and bragged about her weight gain.

“Good morning to absolutely every beautiful human being out there!” she wrote as a caption, concluding:

“Gained 10 lbs and feeling a lot better! Working on myself harder than ever. Much improvement and progress but more to come. let’s be healthy my #mentalhealthcommunity we got this as long as we keep growing!

“Education is key! Last pic for a long time however I wanted to update you guy’s as much as I can.

“Please be safe #sendinglove #beautifulsouls.”

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