Anne Hathaway Just Fully Split Her Pants Walking Into Stephen Colbert's Show

Anne Hathaway just ran into an embarrassing dilemma that she probably could have swept under the rug, but instead, she shared it with the whole wide world, because when you’re a celebrity as famous as her, why not? She stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently to promote her new movie, The Hustle, but she had a pretty bad wardrobe malfunction right outside the theater.

“If you guys want to, Google the pictures of me outside. Now you might notice I’m standing like this,” she said to the Stephen while crossing her legs and putting a hand on her hip. “And the reason I’m standing like that is because I looked down in the car, and my pants had split.”

In case you’re wondering how Anne recovered, rest assured she handled the whole faux pas like a pro. Honestly, if she hadn’t said anything, nobody would’ve even noticed because she looked so unbothered while it all went down.

For proof of that, look no further than the pictures Miss Anne herself told everyone to Google:

It’s like she didn’t break a sweat, even though anyone who has split their pants knows full-well that she was probably crying on the inside. What a boss.

For Anne’s full interview with Stephen Colbert, check out the clip below:

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