Barack Obama Tells Oprah What He Misses About Being President

Barack Obama was feeling nostalgic talking to Oprah about his new book — reminiscing on what he missed most about being President … and his answers might surprise you.

44 sat down for a chat with O on her Apple TV+ show, “The Oprah Conversation,” in which they discussed his latest written project — “A Promised Land” — and also took a trip down memory lane about the perks that a Commander in Chief gets to enjoy.

He admitted flying on Air Force 1 and Marine 1 is an unmatched experience — and one he sincerely misses — because of the exceptional staff, and not having to wait around to get somewhere.

Barack also said he always took joy walking into the Oval Office — where he says he could feel the ghosts of Presidents past all around him — and he revealed his favorite view from the White House.

And, of course, BO says he got a kick out of the intimate White House performances they’d put on every now and then for free — with some marquee acts swinging by, like Paul McCartney … who famously sang The Beatles’ “Michelle” to the First Lady in 2010.

Good times and good memories.

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