BBC’s Owain Wyn Evans left with ‘quivering lip’ over The One Show segment ‘Very emotional’

The One Show: Owain Wyn Evans plays drums for guest

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Owain Wyn Evans is much-loved as the weather presenter of North Wales Tonight as well as BBC Breakfast. However, the star also appears as part of The One Show, which he opened up to about in a recent chat.

Owain often appears on the show as a presenter, taking on jobs around the country.

This included an “emotional” moment recently when he was tasked with delivering a thank you to an inspiring person.

As part of the show’s One Big Thank You, Owain headed to Eastleigh in May to share the good news.

The star surprised Jess and Kathy Hayes with a special drumming performance on the show.

This was after Jess had planned the steel drums on the birthday of every resident of her street since the beginning of the pandemic.

Owain was left emotional as the surprise left the guest in tears on the show.

Now the beloved weatherman has opened up about the moment.

He explained: “I go down there and play the drums on their doorstep at eight in the morning, which was a really weird thing to do.

“As the person doing it, I was like, ‘Are they going to like this?

“‘Are they going to appreciate this man playing the drums on their doorstep at eight in the morning?’

“But they did and it was one of those lovely pieces to be part of because it was like a thank you.”

However, Owain did admit the moment left him with a “quivering lip” as he opened up about struggling to keep his tears at bay.

The broadcaster continued: “I’m very emotional. It doesn’t take much to set me off.

“When we were doing the One Big Thank You, I had a quivering lip for most of that because of the lovely stories.

“I suppose it always depends on the story that you’re working on, doesn’t it?

“You know, and if it’s something you feel very strongly about, and if it’s something that you, like, have a connection with, it’s often loaded with emotion.”

Elsewhere, Owain also opened up about the message that Carol Kirkwood sent him when he took on his BBC Breakfast role.

He explained how the pair had known each other for years but Carol still reached out to him when he began presenting cover shifts on the show.

The meteorologist said: “When I started doing the weather cover shifts, she sent me a lovely message, just saying, ‘All the best, you’ll smash it.’”

He added: “Carol is the absolute Queen of weather.

“I always think that Carol is such a great warm presenter, she’s a fabulous weather presenter.”

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