Bella Thorne Accused Of 'Scamming' OnlyFans Subscribers – And Costing Sex Workers $$$!

Bella Thorne has upset a LOT of people!

Days after the 22-year-old set an insane record of making $2 million after just two days on OnlyFans, the platform introduced a series of new changes, and creators are placing the blame on her!

How did the Shake It Up star shake up OnlyFans so badly??

Well, while the platform is the latest go-to for adult industry performers and sex workers, celebs obviously aren’t required to go nude or make sex tapes to join. Though we’ll admit we were surprised Bella announced she would NOT be doing nudes considering her predilection for pushing the envelope over on Instagram for the past couple years (see above!).

However, issues began to arise when Thorne allegedly began communicating with a fan about the content of a photo she was selling for $200 (!!!), advertising it as a nude pic.

According to screengrabs of the exchange, Bella said the pic was:

“Naked. NAKED!? yes naked.”

The fan asked, reasonably, how naked considering this was a $200 unlock! She responding that it was “no clothes naked.” Spoiler alert: it was NOT a nude. According to online reports, buyers began requesting chargebacks en masse saying they had been deceived, and frankly it sounds like they’re right.

Photos: Bella Mostly Nude For GQ Mexico

Well, OnlyFans didn’t like having to give all that money back. Hours later the site handed down new guidelines for creators, likely to avoid a situation on this large of a scale in the future. Firstly the process for a content creator to get paid will now take 30 days instead of a week. For people trying to pay their rent using their OnlyFans channels, that is a serious blow!

The site also maxed out tipping at $100 and decreased the max upcharge to $50 per post. So creators are making less from their biggest fans.

Naturally, the fans who flocked to Bella’s OnlyFans hoping to see a lot more of the former Disney star were out of luck, but the real injured parties here are the sex workers who count on the site to make a living. Take a look at some angry responses via Twitter (below):

“bella thorne f**ked over so many sex workers, i am so sick of celebrities. the entire tipping system just changed and got a huge price cap because she scammed thousands of people. absolutely ridiculous”

“1. Bella Thorne is trash for scamming and ruining OnlyFans 2. OnlyFans is trash for changing policies for everyone instead of banning her 3. Her subscribers are stupid and y’all should have just subscribed to actual sex workers and you wouldn’t get scammed”

“For the unfamiliar, Bella Thorne caused such a ruckus with her PG13 account that OnlyFans has debuted new restrictions that make it even HARDER for everyday sex workers to make rent. Despicable.”

“Due to Bella Thorne scamming her fans in a $200 PPV message onlyfans has now introduced these changes to all creators rather than restricting her account: 30 day payout $100 max tip $50 max post price Why we can’t have nice things.”

“So Bella Thorne scammed her fans and sent out a $200 non nude ppv. Is that why the max ppv price is $50 f**king dollars now?? And why fans can only tip $100 f**king dollars?? Bc this dumb bitch scammed everyone and OF and getting massive amounts of chargebacks?”

Some creators were already not too pleased with Bella joining the site before all of this went down, largely because she shared it was for research for a movie. Sex worker Ellamourne expressed to Rolling Stone:

“The perspective she’ll gain won’t be representative of what most people experience as content creators on the platform. I am certain she’ll deal with some of the same issues — fans crossing boundaries, scammers, etc. But at the end of the day, she is a celebrity and wields a large amount of privilege. Unless the intent is to drive the conversation toward decriminalization of sex work, I’ll be disappointed.”

Turns out there was more to worry about than the discourse…

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