Biden Preaches Unity as Vote Counts Stall, Stops Short of Declaring Victory

Joe Biden just gave what sounded a lot like a victory speech — despite having a ways to go — but it also sounded extremely Presidential with a message of unity.

The Democratic candidate — who’s now just 17 electoral college votes away from being declared the official winner — spoke in Wilmington, DE with his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, by his side. The takeaway here … he thinks he’s got this in the bag.

Biden made sure to note he was NOT declaring a win just yet — unlike President Trump did Tuesday night — while at the same time expressing confidence most of the outstanding swing states are leaning his way.

The other goal of his speech was to address the blatant political divide in the country. Sounding like he might on his first day in the White House, JB said IF he wins, he aims to govern for every American.

Biden’s comments here were much different in tone from Trump’s defiant, accusatory one early Wednesday morning. Of course, you could say that’s the difference between leading and trailing at the polls.

This is Biden’s second public appearance since several polls closed Tuesday night — with millions of votes still needing to be counted in a handful of states. Plus, Trump’s already demanding a recount in at least Wisconsin … if not 2-3 other states too.

There’s still a path for Trump, but it’s narrowing quickly — and he’s already indicated he’s ramping up for a major legal fight that could land in the Supreme Court soon enough.

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