Brian May, 73, overwhelmed as he shares health update after operation ‘Didn’t expect that!

Brian May thanks fans for support following eye operation

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Queen rocker Brian May, 73, has updated fans on his condition following his recent surgery. The musician shared a video to his 2.8 million Instagram followers as he said that he is “bowled over” by the kindness fans have shown to him.

Thank you for the incredible response you gave me – I didn’t expect that!

Brian May

Wearing a pair of protective glasses over his eyes, the Bohemian Rhapsody musician couldn’t thank his loyal army of followers enough for the “incredible response” he was shown.

Just several days ago, Brian shared a snap with his followers as he posed for a selfie in the hospital toilets wearing a hospital gown.

The image showed the musician wearing a face covering as well as a mark above his eye which appeared to be a guidance for the surgeons.

In his latest update, Brian was left overwhelmed as he told his fans he didn’t expect to be inundated with such love.

Speaking directly to his followers through a video, he said: “I had to come on here, live, and say thank you for the incredible response you gave me – I didn’t expect that!

“I was just putting a few bits of information up about my eye op, you’ve been so kind, thank you, thanks so much for all the care and sympathy that you have given me.”

He went on to say: “I really appreciate it, I’m in good shape this morning. I woke up and it was still a bit milky vision in there but apparently, that’s normal and will clear, in fact, it’s already clearing.

“I feel a little bit bruised but only a little bit really – so no need to be scared about this eye operation. Some people were asking what it is, so, basically, I had a cataract operation although I don’t have a cataract.”

Explaining further, Brian continued: “They replaced the lens here because my focus was so out, I had a laser operation some years ago but it’s drifted a long way since then.

“I could focus on nothing on the left eye. Now, already, I can see pretty much perfectly, I can see through a slight haze.”

The guitarist added: “So, I’m great, thank you so much for caring and I love the fact we have this connection.

“So to all my folks, thank you, God bless, I hope you have a great day.”

Brian recently explained that despite a picture showing a margin above his right eye, he was in fact having surgery on his left.

After re-sharing his post, he penned: “Actually it should look like this. It’s the LEFT eye that’s marked for treatment.

“A straight selfie (unless hooked up directly to a live IG or similar) doesn’t laterally invert your face – but a mirror does!

“Funny… Why do I instinctively prefer the raw mirror image – with my face reversed left to right? I guess we are all so accustomed to seeing our faces in the mirror that we get used to it. Maybe that’s why most of us hate most photographs of ourselves !!! Cheers! Bri.”

This all comes after Brian recently spoke out on his health after he suffered a minor heart attack in May 2020.

Speaking on the Rock This with Allison Hagendorf podcast, the rocker said: “Fitness is a big deal, I started to get fit on the last tour but unfortunately, I got stricken with things that were not so good.”

Brian went on to add: “I had a big heart attack thing going on.”

Addressing his current health, Brian told Allison: “I’m great now, I took the rehab incredibly serious.

“I got gold stars from my cardio rehab trainer, the other day.

“So I’m good, I think I’m fitter than ever because I take it a lot more seriously now.”

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