Carol Vordermans fearless government criticism earns her accolade from Vogue

Carol Vorderman slammed for throwing tantrum over Tory party

Carol Vorderman earned herself a place in British Vogue’s list of the 25 most influential women that the fashion bible claims are “defining and redefining Britain in 2023”.

The 62-year-old has never been afraid to speak out, even when her political opinions have caused division, and she has now shared the news of the accolade, along with behind-the-scenes snaps from her Vogue photoshoot, on Instagram.

“Well I’m thrilled to be included in the annual @britishvogue 25 Women this year,” the This Morning favourite told her 397,000 followers.

“It says ‘Vogue 25. Vogue Honours the 25 Women defining….and redefining….Britain in 2023.’ Heck…..” she exclaimed.

Reading another part of the blurb, she joked: “‘The Welsh 62-year-old hasn’t been afraid to cause trouble of late’……..oops!”

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Further quoting the magazine’s praise of her, she continued: “‘One of social media’s most outspoken critics of the government has won her legions of new fans.’

“’Her fearless approach to taking on what she believes is a ‘despicable government’ has been one of the most unexpected, but nonetheless inspiring turns of 2023.’

“Well, as you know only too well, we are all in this together,” Carol, who has previously described herself as “politically independent”, explained.

“When I was young, life in the UK was unequal but the direction was to more equality. Now the direction is into financial stress and poverty for the majority and super rich, tax avoidance for the few.”

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Declaring that “the super rich love nothing more” than that situation, she added: “So many of my generation, whether they are traditional Tories or Labour or Lib Dem or Green, know that this govt is taking us to hell based on personal greed.

“We have never witnessed anything like this before. So we have to keep fighting. It might get me into a raised eyebrow here and there, but so be it.”

Voicing her desperation to see the Conservative government lose its dominance, she insisted: “Tactical voting all the way for the next election, and a knowledge that we can reduce the Tories to dust between us x.”

She then linked to a tactical voting website called Stop The Tories, urging followers to “vote now”.

Some followers inundated her with support for her bold and at times divisive views, urging her to “never stop causing trouble”.

@umamifooddesign exclaimed: “Amazing!!! This is why I totally fan girlied you in Bristol the other week. Your political voice is so needed, and appreciated xxx.”

@thehumanmethoduk praised: “Well deserved! You are giving us a voice!”, while @rebeccabevis described her as “Queen Carol”.

However, not everyone agreed with her outspoken attitude, with one viewer blasting: “Tactical voting is just stupid. Stop getting involved in politics and do what you do best. It is embarrassing. Changing your allegiance is one thing, but banging on about it the way you do is not a good look.”

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