Cher and Alexander Edwards Hold Hands, Leave together, After Partying with Tyga

It looks like Cher has a new man in her life … she and Amber Rose‘s ex, Alexander Edwards, seemed to head home together after a fun night out with his buddy, Tyga.

Cher pulled up to Craig’s in WeHo Wednesday night, where AE and Tyga were waiting for her inside — Alexander came out to escort her in, and they grabbed hands as they strolled inside.

They all bounced from Craig’s a little after midnight, heading to The Nice Guy for some more fun just a mile away. Tyga got in his own ride, while AE and Cher shared one … with him kissing her hand in the back seat.

Tyga headed into the restaurant solo … and while photogs were all on him, he points out the obvious — “You’re gonna miss the real photo!”

Once again, AE and Cher — and their 40-year age diff — walk hand-in-hand to the spot … and when the shindig was over, they left together, presumably heading to her Malibu home. What a night. 😉

The 3 amigos reportedly spent some time together at her place last week, too … but it’s unclear if these meetings are more about business or pleasure.

She was also spotted with Tyga at Paris Fashion Week at the end of September.

Of course, AE has been single for over a year now … he and Amber broke up in August 2021 after she accused him of cheating on her. He later admitted on social media that he did have an affair.

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