College Basketball Brawl Pops Off In Handshake Line, Players Suspended 2 Games

3:44 PM PT — The SWAC has announced the punishments following the brawl … suspending 3 players for unsportsmanlike conduct.

2 Jackson State players — Dontelius Ross and Khalil Spencer were suspended 2 games … and Prarie View A&M’s Darius Williams has also been handed a 2-game punishment.

“The Southwestern Athletic Conference will continue to send a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated,” SWAC Commissioner Dr. Charles McClelland says.

“Moving forward any future actions of this nature; that transpire at any point during an athletic contest, will result in an indefinite suspension with substantial fines/penalties to all parties involved.”

“The Conference office must uphold high standards of good sportsmanship and any conduct deemed detrimental to those efforts will be handled appropriately.”

On top of the suspensions, each team has been fined $5,000.

8:09 AM PT — SWAC Commissioner Charles McClelland tells us they’re “currently reviewing the footage of the incident and will take appropriate action once a thorough review is completed.”

What was supposed to be a display of sportsmanship turned into an all-out BRAWL at a college basketball game in Texas … when things got violent in the post-game handshake line!

Prairie View A&M had just defeated the Jackson State Tigers in a home game in Waller County — but things had been chippy between the teams during regulation.

Things finally exploded in the handshake line when Jackson State’s Dontelius Ross took exception with PV’s Darius Williams … who appeared to have bumped Ross during the handshakes.

Ross was PISSED and immediately tried running after Williams, but his teammates and a police officer used all of their might to hold him back.

But it didn’t end there … another fight broke out on the opposite side of the court involving other players and, again, officials raced on to the court to break it up.

It doesn’t appear anyone was injured in the fracas — but you can bet there will repercussions … most likely suspensions to come soon.

Crazy night.

Originally Published — 6:56 AM PT

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