Corrie’s Rob Mallard shares fears of being ‘killed off’

Coronation Street: Stephen lunges at Leo after being confronted

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Rob Mallard, 30, who has played Daniel Osbourne on the ITV soap Coronation Street since 2016, spoke to, where he admitted that he hopes to stay away from being bumped off the show since new character Stephen Redi, played by Todd Boyce, has entered the fictional street. The star’s admittance comes after viewers witnessed Stephen kill Leo (played by Joe Frost), and Stephen’s ex-wife Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud) narrowly avoid the chop as well.

When asked if he knows how involved his character will get with Stephen, Rob shared the surprising fact that Coronation Street bosses keep the scripts hidden from the actors for as long as possible.

“I don’t know yet. They keep that information from us as well,” Rob began to say.

“I’ve been enjoying watching it, I’ve been enjoying watching it unravel so far, but I believe that I’ll be busy sort of towards the end of the year, maybe the beginning of next year.”

Hinting at the development of a storyline with Daniel at the centre, the actor was unaware of any specifics, but joked that he wanted to keep well away from Stephen.

He continued to say: “I don’t know whether that intersects with the Jenny, Leo, Stephen storyline at all.

“I’ll have to find that one out myself.

“I hope Steven doesn’t set his eyes on me.

“I am kind of glad to be keeping away from it because I don’t want to be killed off!”

Rob’s desire to stay on the show partly comes from his love of the soap and the “rare” opportunity it provides him as an actor.

When asked what he likes about being on Coronation Street, Rob replied: “I enjoy it because it’s very rare as an actor to be kept in employment for such a long time.

“I enjoy it from the ‘being in work perspective’. Plus being part of the Barlows is great.

“All the actors that I work with are fantastic, and we all get on really well. And it’s local and Manchester. So I grew up with it.

“It’s one of those things it’s just you can’t believe that you’re a part of it sometimes.”

Not believing his luck, Rob went on to explain that his job on the show is sometimes made more difficult because of his essential tremor.

A condition that affects the nervous system causing involuntary and rhythmic shaking, it is something that Rob first developed when he was 14.

Having steadily gotten worse over time, Rob explained that currently his arms, legs, back of his neck and head will shake.

“It looks like I’m saying no to everything all the time,” he said.

With the shaking continuous, Rob explained that bosses on Coronation Street are aware of it and sometimes during a scene he will have to stop and refilm, in order to control his tremor.

He added: “I manage it with humour really, because if you don’t, it can get frustrating. You get very wound up in yourself.

“With work, they’re all aware of it. So if there’s something that comes up there, or if I need to do something I’ll usually just practice and practice and practice.

“But if I do shake and it’s very obvious I’ll just, I’ll stop and say can I go again?”

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