Craig Revel Horwood stands by brutal jibes he made about ex Strictly co-star Brendan Cole

Craig Revel Horwood tells Bruno Tonioli to ‘put it away’

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Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood has revealed that he stands by comments he made about former co-star Brendan Cole. Appearing on Kate Thornton’s podcast White Wine Question Time, the dance star admitted to “really disliking” the dancer, after the host read out a statement he had previously made about him.

That makes sense now!

Craig Revel Horwood

She told the star that she would read out a quote and Craig had to guess whether he had said it, or whether it had been said by someone else.

Reading out the first one, Kate said: “I really dislike him, we don’t see eye to eye.

“He brings up the most ridiculous arguments.

“Yes, we’re all entitled to our opinions but some opinions suck and his generally do,” she ended the quote.

“Didn’t say it,” insisted Craig, adding: “I never get personal.”

“But you did,” laughed Kate before bursting into laughter.

“That must have been the early years,” replied Craig.

“Did I say that?” he asked Kate as she confirmed that he did and asked him who he had been talking about.

Baffled, Craig answered: “I have no clue,” as members of the audience suggested incorrectly that it was about former Strictly dancer James Jordan.

“Brendan Cole!” Kate exclaimed as someone guessed right.

“Oh, well yeah, no wonder!” Craig replied, before adding: “That makes sense now!”

Seemingly unable to remember making the comments, he asked the podcast host: “Where would I have said that? Would I have said that publicly?”

“You did,” Kate replied, adding that she read it online.

“Well, I genuinely believe that as well, now I know who it’s about,” Craig responded.

“You two did lock horns, right?” Kate asked, referring to Brendan, as Craig confirmed that they did.

The Strictly judge revealed that he invited the dancer round to his house two years ago, after not having spoken for years, to see “if he was working”.

Craig and Brendan previously worked together on Dancing With The Stars in New Zealand where they were both judges.

After appearing on the show from 2005 to 2009, the latter then went on to appear in the first 15 series of Strictly, before leaving the show in 2018.

Craig went on to add that during their time on DWTS, Brendan played “Mr Nasty”.

Clarifying their relationship, he added: “We hated each other to begin with,” before saying that they did end up going out for drinks and got to “know each other quite well”.

Strictly Come Dancing airs tonight at 6.45pm on BBC One.

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