Dan Walker admits doctors are concerned as he issues health update

Dan Walker issues update on recovery following bike accident

Dan Walker appeared on Loose Women this week to reveal that doctors are still “concerned” about him in the aftermath of his crash.

Even worse, the swollen and pained Channel 5 star may even need a tooth removed due to “blood supply” issue.

However, he added that he feels no ill will towards the “deeply distressed” driver, who collided with him back in February.

Joking that the show’s make-up artist was excellent at covering the signs of his accident, he explained: “I still can’t feel a part of my lip and I’ve got a lump on my hip.

“I might have to have a tooth out because they’re slightly concerned that I might have lost blood supply.”

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He added that he summoned up the courage to get back on a bike again ten days ago, despite still feeling fragile.

However, Dan remains “really grateful” not to have broken any bones.

“The way I look at it is, I’ve got to get back out there, I’ve got to do it again,” he explained, admitting that he thinks his traumatic accident has actually made him better at cycling and driving.

Meanwhile, he wrote in an article in the Times that he doesn’t believe he is to blame for the collision, but equally doesn’t blame the person who hit him either.

“I am confident that I am not to blame and I hope this can be resolved outside the courts,” he confirmed.

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“I know I could have died but I also know how easy it is to make a mistake, even when you’re trying to be careful.

“I can’t really remember what they (the driver) looked like, from that moment they were looking over me as I came round, but I do recall that they looked deeply distressed and I imagine it is all they are thinking about at the moment.”

Fortunately for Dan, who suffered a bloodied face in the accident, he has new TV projects to focus his attention onto – and in fact, he returned to work just a day after crashing.

Alongside his Channel 5 news role, he will also front a series called Vanished, which zooms in on the search for Britain’s missing people.

The first episode airs tonight at 9pm.

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