Daryl Sabara 'Would Love' Babies with Wife Meghan Trainor After She Talks Pregnancy Plans (Exclusive)

The actor also dished on having Meghan’s two adult brothers as roommates.

Daryl Sabara is ready to start a family.

The "Spy Kids" actor just walked down the aisle with pop star Meghan Trainor during a gorgeous backyard wedding in Los Angeles on her 25th birthday in December, and the couple are planning to add babies to the mix soon.

“That would be awesome. I would love that," revealed the 26-year-old arriving to LAX on Friday upon hearing the news that Meghan said she had plans to be pregnant by the end of the year during her stop at NikkieTutorials.

As to whether they were "in training" to become pregnant, Daryl laughed and said sheepishly, "Well, I mean, we are married. Also, my father-in-law is right behind me."

Meghan, 26, recently revealed her two brothers, Ryan, 27, and Justin, 24, live with the newlyweds in their LA home.

"They have their own side of the house — we call it the man cave — so I barely see them.," she told People. "I would be very sad if they moved out. Everywhere I go my family comes with me."

"It’s a really nice house we live in, so there’s space," Daryl said of having his brothers-in-law as roommates on Friday.

As to whether he will be kicking them out at any point, Daryl said, "Oh man — never. They’re the best. I lucked out. I hit the jackpot."

During her guest appearance on NikkieTutorials, the "All About the Bass" singer said she wanted to take care of some business before welcoming a bundle of joy into her life.

"[I want] to go on tour next summer, and then I want to make a baby," she began. "I haven’t told anybody this. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen."

"I want one!" she continued. "[My mom and I] discussed it all last week. I’m gonna be so pregnant!"

"Gonna be gardening, gonna be huge. Just by the pool, you know, living the dream," Meghan added. "That’s my end game. Get through the tour, and get through this album. Hopefully have the world hear it, then make a baby — in celebration."

Even before she got hitched to Daryl, the pop singer was talking about becoming a parent.

"If we could do it how we want to, we’d be, like, totally preggo right now!" the singer told People.

"We’re ready to rumble. I want some children! I want kids!" she added. "We’re both so excited for it. We both constantly watch baby YouTube videos and lessons on YouTube, like ‘How to take care of an infant.’ We’re just getting prepared every single day."

The happy couple met in 2014 and was set up two years later by Meghan’s friend Chloe Grace Moretz. They became engaged in December 2017 in Palm Springs.

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