Duchess Kate & William traveled to Glasgow by train, not by helicopter

No one knows when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned from their “half-term holiday.” They left on October 21st, and there was no sign of them anywhere until mid-day yesterday, November 1st. Of course we know that they were seen and photographed at Heathrow, but seemingly no royal reporter has any interest in reporting on where they vacationed, which plane was used, and whether or not it would have been smarter to vacation within the salty isles, especially given the Queen’s poor health.

I’d really like to know where they went in general, because I don’t think the vacation was particularly restful for Kate. She genuinely looked tired at the Glasgow events they did yesterday, and she didn’t look like someone who had two months and four days off for a summer holiday and then a ten-day autumn vacation. But the focus is on travel, and how Will and Kate traveled. Even though they took at least two flights for their vacation, they definitely want people to talk about how they tried to have a low carbon footprint while traveling to Scotland:

Kate and Prince William made sure to travel from London to Glasgow to attend the UN’s climate change summit using transports with an environmental footprint as low as possible. They crossed the Scottish border aboard a train and travelled from the station to the COP26 venue using an electric car.

These choices are particularly significant as Prince William is leading, alongside Prince Charles, the royal charm offensive at the summit to push world leaders to take decisive steps to protect the earth from climate change.

ITV royal editor Chris Ship took note of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s ways of travel and asked on Twitter whether the royals will ditch forever the use of more polluting transports.

He wrote: “William and Kate’s car from the train station was an electric @JaguarUK I-Pace. We also understand they used @AvantiWestCoast for the journey. Now is clearly not a time for Royals using helicopters. The big question: will this be a permanent change in travel, or not??”

Royal blogger Gert’s Royals said it is likely the Cambridges are paying particular attention to how they travel to environmental events such as COP26. They wrote: “Not a permanent change. But I think they are very aware of the criticism and pay particular attention when attending climate change and other environmental events.”

[From The Daily Express]

So they took the train to Glasgow and traveled to events by electric car, oooh, that will make people forget about how they have a dedicated private helicopter which choppers them back and forth to events and to Norfolk. That will definitely make people forget that they just took a big overseas vacation while the Queen was ill too!

The Daily Mail and other British outlets are making a big deal over Kate’s Eponine dress, because it’s an eco-friendly label and the dress is 18 months old. And yet… it’s a new dress to us. Just because she bought it in 2020, doesn’t mean that she actually needed to buy a new f–king dress. She also “recycled” her shoes and earrings.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar Images.

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