Dylan Minnette Recently Reunited With a Co-Star 14 Years Later!

Dylan Minnette had a little reunion last week that you might have missed!

The 24-year-old actor and Wallows musician ran into Eric Dane at the Space Jam: A New Legacy Party In The Park After Dark event held at Six Flags Magic Mountain last Tuesday (June 29).

If you didn’t know, Dylan was a guest star in the 2007 episode, “Haunt You Every Day,” of Grey’s Anatomy, where Eric starred as Dr. Mark Sloan for many years.

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In the episode, Dylan, as his character Ryan, goes up to Sloan behind Dr. Derek Shepherd’s back, comes out and asks, “Daddy?” as a joke. He then gets some cash from Derek. Check out the scene right here!

Also in the episode, Dylan‘s character goes to Eric‘s Mark Sloan to perform a tricky surgery to fix his ears.

Eric shared a new photo of the two of them at the Space Jam event, and captioned it, “Ears healed up nicely.” LOL!

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