Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber Release their Anti-Party Anthem: “I Don’t Care”

Today, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber released their previously-rumored collab, “I Don’t Care.” The song starts out as a kind of anthem against the party culture advocated in a lot of today’s pop, rap and EDM music. But eventually it evolves into a message that suggests one can survive the excesses of pop culture if one finds the right person to be with.

In many ways, “I Don’t Care” echoes songs produced over the last few years by other artists like Alessia Cara, LANY, Lauv, Lorde, Troye Sivan, Julia Michaels and even Billie Eilish that express frustration with all the superficial events, people and conversations that surround them.

However, what makes “I Don’t Care” different, of course, is

hearing pop heavyweights like Ed and Justin reject the kind of behaviors that tracks by artists from Cardi B to Ariana Grande still celebrate.

So, with the song, are Ed and Justin just trying to catch a rising anti-social trend that is building as a backlash to the excesses of most pop, rap and club music? Maybe.

But, clearly, both Ed and Justin have for some time now been rocking at least a bit of the antisocial vibe that one hears in “I Don’t Care.” And the end of the song may also describe what Ed and Justin feel that they have both found in their recent marriages — namely, somebody who makes the boredom, frustration and burnout of the pop lifestyle go away.

You can listen to the track below.


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