Elon Musk Tells Groveling Paps He's Not Doing Autographs Anymore

Elon Musk is above doing autographs at this point in his life — something the paparazzi learned the hard (and cold) way while trying to catch the dude out in the wild.

The Twitter chief landed at Dulles International Airport Saturday night — just outside of D.C. proper — and while he was getting into a waiting Tesla with a security detail in tow … he was greeted by a swarm of photographers outside who apparently wanted his John Hancock.

You gotta watch this, ’cause it’s pretty hilarious … all the paps are begging EM for him to come over and give them the time of day, explicitly noting — but sir, it’s CHRISTMAS! 😂

Despite their pleas … Elon tells ’em — sorry, fellas, no more signings. When he’s asked if he means ever again, he confirms. So, yeah … a little Scrooge-y for sure — but hey, the guy’s super busy these days and his celebrity has increased ten-fold over the past 6 or 7 years.

It’s pretty interesting, as Elon normally tends to hold court with paps and shoots the s*** with them, offering off-the-cuff answers on a number of issues — including crypto, ‘SNL,’ and his own companies. His MOTS interviews have always been light-hearted and chill, too.

In the span of a year, though … he’s acquired Twitter, and become a lightning rod figure — and it seems he doesn’t wanna be hit with harder questions than he’s ever faced before.

Our own photog, who was in the crush, was trying to ask about politics — but Elon clearly doesn’t wanna play ball anymore … and made a new rule. Makes sense if you think about it … especially seeing how, on Saturday night, he told a group of Twitter Space listeners that the risk of assassination was a legit threat facing him these days.

When you reach that threshold as an A-lister … the move is to snub and keep it moving.

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