FaZe Banks' $200K Richard Mille Watch Allegedly Stolen at Super Bowl Party

faze banks

World-famous gamer/YouTuber FaZe Banks says he’s out a huge chunk of change after his ultra-exclusive watch got swiped at a Super Bowl party, but he’s hoping cops track it down.

The FaZe Clan founder took to social media, telling folks about his stolen, one-of-a-kind Chrome Hearts Richard Mille watch … which is worth a cool $200,000!!!

Banks says it went down at Scottsdale Hangar One in AZ Friday night … at the big H.Wood homecoming party where Drake performed and, as we reported, big names like MGK, Cher, Lil Baby, Meek Mill and Odell Beckham Jr. were there tearing it up.

faze banks

Scottsdale PD confirms a report for the stolen watch was filed, and you better believe the document highlights that approximate 6-figure value. What’s really shocking is FaZe says the crook snatched it right off his body.

He says the piece fell off while he was walking through the crowd, but surveillance video shows him picking it up and putting it in one of his pockets … only to have someone reach in and pick that pocket clean!!!.

faze banks

The 31-year-old gaming legend told fans he’s offering up $50K to anyone who can get it back for him … adding this is the one timepiece in his collection that has sentimental value and is irreplaceable.

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