Freddie Starr’s first wife brands him ‘terrible husband’ who she ‘lost to fame’

Freddie Starr 's first wife has branded him a "terrible husband".

Betty Simpson says her 12-year relationship with the late comedian was ruined by fame "going to his head".

She claims that while he was a triumph on stage, their marriage was ruined by his rise to fame in the 1970s.

Betty has spoken about her marriage to Freddie after he was found dead yesterday at the age of 76.

His body was discovered by his carer at his Spanish home.

Speaking to The Sun about her time with Freddie, between 1960 and 1972, Betty said: "I’m very sorry he’s gone, he was a very talented man just not a very good husband.

"He was OK when he first started in showbiz but the fame went to his head.

"He was the best, he was brilliant while he was on stage but he was a terrible husband."

Betty says she wanted her husband to "keep his feet on the ground" while they were at home alone, and not be 'Freddie Starr' all the time.

The troubled comic had five failed marriages in his time and was still married at the time of his death despite his wife reportedly begging him for a divorce.

He had spit from wife Sophie Lea, who was 39 years his junior, four years ago.

According to reports from Mail Online , they were still legally married at the time of Starr's death.

The reports claim Starr had fled to Spain after the break up and that Sophie's lawyers were trying to contact him to start the divorce proceedings.

But it's claimed the former I'm A Celebrity campmate ignored her pleas.

She had previously accused her husband of abusing her as the relationship broke down.

She said he cracked under the pressure after he was caught up in Operation Yewtree as police probed him over historic sex claims.

In a post on her blog back in 2016, Sophie wrote: "After the Yewtree investigation had finished I honestly believed things would get better, call me foolish but when you’re in an abusive relationship hope is all you have.

"Things didn’t get better they got even worse, the abuse either physical, mental, emotional.. and just got worse.

"The effects of all the abuse had a dramatic impact on me.

"I tried to open up to him, telling him I was struggling and that I needed help especially with the self harm.

"Instead his reaction was one of anger, he punched me in the thigh and threw a pair of scissors at my head."

When he was asked about the allegations back in 2016, Starr said: "I deny ever verbally or physically abusing her.

"I deny that completely."

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