Gabrielle Union: Dwyane Wade Already Has Issues With Daughter’s Revealing Swimsuit

Months after welcoming Kaavia James into their family, the ‘L.A.’s Finest’ star learns about her husband’s overprotective nature when she was taking their baby girl for a swimming lesson.

AceShowbiz -New mum Gabrielle Union has been forced to dress her daughter in head-to-toe swimming gear because her husband Dwyane Wade didn’t approve of her baby bathing suit.

The couple welcomed Kaavia James via a surrogate in November (18), and the “Bad Boys 2” star recently enrolled the tot in swimming lessons.

However, her ensemble proved to be a little too revealing for her overly protective dad Dwyane.

“She’s in swim class and I put her in a regular swimsuit. It’s a baby swimsuit, it’s not like it’s a two-piece…,” Gabrielle explained, “and he (Wade) was like, ‘Her back’s out!’ “

The actress didn’t agree with Dwyane, who also has three sons from previous relationships, but he’s since gotten his own way.

“She’s five months old, like, who cares?” Gabrielle shrugged. “Cut to now, she’s in basically, like, scuba gear, so I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like on prom night and her back is out!”

Although former basketball star Dwyane has more than a few opinions about his baby’s wardrobe, he has no problem showing off his little girl online, as the couple has even set up an Instagram account for Kaavia, where she boasts more than 703,000 followers.

The newborn, who has been nicknamed “Shady Baby” by her parents due to her usual unbothered facial expression, has become so popular with Gabrielle and Dwyane’s own fans, they often shout out for her, instead of the stars, whenever they step out together as a couple.

“We were on the carpet at Met Ball, slaying for the (fashion) gods, and they (fans) are like, ‘Where’s Shady Baby?’ We’re like, ‘It’s Met Ball!'” the actress laughed. “They scream it at the airport, on red carpets….”

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