Garth Brooks Shatters Heinz Field Ticket Sales Record

An upcoming Garth Brooks concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh will be the biggest-selling event in the stadium’s history, according to Heinz Field corporate communications manager Nick Sero.

72,887 tickets have already been sold for the one-night Stadium Tour show on May 18, and the number will be closer to 75,000 or more when suites and additional seating that may be added are counted, Sero was quoted as saying.

Sero said in a statement that it was a really big “get” to have Brooks play in Pittsburgh, since he’s only playing in eight cities across the country on his current tour that lasts until July 20.

“We have people coming in from every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, to see his show,” Sero said. “It’s going to be one of the single biggest events Pittsburgh has ever seen.”

“It’s a great way to show off our city and our stadium,” he added.

The country superstar will be breaking the highest selling event record at Heinz Field of a 2016 Pitt-Penn State game that brought 69,983 people to the stadium.

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