Groom Knocks Down Bride In Aggressive Wedding Cake Fiasco

A new bride really takes the cake in an aggressive wedding video that has triggered outrage on social media … with a battle cry for divorce!

Check out this TikTok video showing the newlyweds dressed to the 9’s for their big day … with friends and family all around … as well as a three-tiered wedding cake on a table.

Everything seems pretty chill at first … but then the groom does a beeline for the cake, cuts himself a healthy slice and walks over to his giggling bride, who starts backing away.

The groom pounces on her, smearing the cake on her face and pushing her to the ground. He helps her up, but then turns his back on her and walks away. A guest uses a napkin to wipe remnants of the cake off the bride’s beautiful white dress.

Interestingly, it was the bride who posted the video, saying it was all in good fun. But, you wouldn’t know it from the reactions on social media, which were angry and swift.

One person wrote … “I would divorce straight away!!!! P–ck !!!”

Another commenter said, “Too aggressive, my dad would have knocked him out.”

Someone else pointed out, “It [sic] a very special day for a woman. She gets her hair all pretty, makeup done flawlessly, looking like a princess.. only to have it ruined like that.”

One woman predicted, “Nahhhhh that would of been the shortest marriage ever.”

Prenup anyone?

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