Guy Fieri Reacts to Kristen Stewart Wanting Him To Officiate Her Wedding

Kristen Stewart got a response from Guy Fieri about officiating her wedding!

In case you missed it, the Spencer actress said earlier this week that she it would make her laugh so much if the Food Network star was the officiant.

Now, the news got to him and he reacted to her offer in a video shown to her during her Today Show visit.

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“Hey Kristen, Guy Fieri here, and I heard through the Flavortown grapevine that you are looking for a sweet spikey-haired officiant for your wedding,” he said in the video. “I’m all in!”

She then kind of freaked out and the hosts asked if her offer was real.

“Absolutely!” Kristen said. “Do you know where he lives? What’s his address? Does he live in L.A.? We should talk about this.”

Guy reposted the Today Show video on his Twitter and said his offer is in fact legit.

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