Hailee Steinfeld Tried to Give Patrick Ta a Winged Cat-Eye and It's…Cute?

Being a celebrity MUA sounds…stressful. I can’t even imagine how nerve-wracking it is to be fully responsible for the beat and glam of an A-lister. Their face is in your hands…it’s totally NBD. But ya know what *just* might top that? Being the A-lister doing the makeup of your professional makeup artist as a total amateur. Phew, say that five times fast. Aaand, welcome to Turn the Beat Around!

For this episode, we had actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld go behind the brush to create a look on her v famous MUA Patrick Ta. Their inspo was a look that Patrick had done on Gigi Hadid. It consisted of a perfectly polished winged liner that took two hours to accomplish. Lol, no pressure.

To lighten the mood for Hails, they talked about some iconique lewks Patrick gave Hailee through the years. One of his faves was from an appearance on the The Late Late Show With James Corden where she rocked a burgundy lip.


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