Hailey Bieber Says Instagram Hate Got So Bad, She Has Someone Else Run Her Account Most Of The Time!

What you see is not always what you get.

In this case, any posts you see from Hailey Bieber on Instagram during the weekdays are apparently not coming directly from her! In the model’s latest interview with Harper’s Bazaar on Monday, the 24-year-old admitted social media has sent her to a dark place recently, so she’s implemented new rules to take back control of her mental health!

The former ballet dancer shared:

“I’m only 24, and I’m still figuring out who I am as a woman. Who I am in my career. Who I am as a wife. There’s so much going on, I had to give myself a break from looking at myself and other people, though.”

Here’s where the details of her strict new rules come in. The socialite admitted:

“I had to start doing this thing where I don’t go on Instagram Monday through Friday. If something needs to be posted, I have somebody who I work with who runs it for me. I had to remove myself.”

Wow! It’s definitely not all that crazy to learn the fashionista isn’t the one posting away on the other end of the screen — this is actually something we’ve seen a lot of celebrities do in recent years as the pressures of social media have only risen. But given Justin Bieber‘s wife currently has 34 million followers on the popular app, it makes sense to hand over control rather than go silent on the gram! Gotta keep up appearances even if the platform became a “dark hole”!


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But having already deleted Twitter due to persistent comparisons to her hubby’s ex Selena Gomez earlier this year, it’s sad to learn her distance from this other side of social media is for the very same reason!

“When it comes to social media, I’ve definitely gone through so much comparison. Comparing myself to other people, getting compared to other people.”

Yup, we see that subtle reference to all the Jelena shippers still out there! But trolls aren’t the only ones making it hard to enjoy the app. Despite being praised for her looks, Hailey opened up about the difficulty of self-love when consumed with IG, noting:

“ feeling like I need to have this type of body in order to feel good about myself. It can be such a dark hole that you go down, and it happens so quickly and easily. With social media, you click on one thing, and you see another, and then you’re in this weird rabbit hole, and you’re putting yourself down.”

With a body like hers, you might think she’s immune to this kind of self-hatred, but the star insisted she doesn’t feel good in her skin “all the time,” and urged:

“Everyone has insecurities.”

This social media break seems to have aided the former Drop The Mic host’s mindset, as she concluded:

“It’s a continuous journey to love yourself. It doesn’t ever stop. I hope I’m on it even when I’m old and saggy. I hope I love myself then.”

She’s certainly right there! We all just gotta learn to love ourselves day by day! In a time when it’s almost impossible to be tech-free, it’s pretty cool to see the young Baldwin take ownership over her life by extracting an unnecessary form of anxiety and stress.

Thoughts on her decision to step away from Instagram during the week, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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