Helen Flanagan dating again after shock split – but still wears engagement ring

Helen Flanagan is reportedly dating again after the end of her relationship with ex- fiancé Scott Sinclair, and now the 33 year old actress has appeared to confirm it after she met a "mystery man".

While the star told her Instagram followers that she "didn't know" if she was really ready to talk about dating yet, she also tentatively opened up on "meeting someone" she's now good friends with.

"I did find someone who was really really kind to me and we’re really good friends still and he was lovely," she shared with fans.

"He just made me feel like beautiful and he made me feel special which was nice," the actress went on. "I think it’s quite like a big thing especially when you’ve had children.

"I think it’s important, like who do you choose to spend your time with."

As Helen's followers were left wondering exactly what was going on and who she was referring to, The Sun claimed that the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! South Africa star has already been on a series of "dates with a secret man".

A source told the publication: "Helen’s officially back on the dating scene.

"She’s been seeing someone on/off for a while but has said they’re better off as friends, but she did really like dating him.

"Everything’s really casual and she’s taking things slow – she doesn’t want anything serious."

OK! has contacted a representative for Helen for further comment.

The source then went on to mention what Helen has now officially confirmed, that she is still wearing her engagement ring.

While the insider claimed the diamond jewellery was simply "too nice to let go", the actress gave a more detailed explanation of her reasons.

"I like being honest about situations really. I am trying to do that with motherhood, it has been a weird adjustment for me over the past year really," Helen began in her video.

"I was with my fiancé for a really long time – when I was 19 to 31 and he was my whole world. I still wear my engagement ring but I wear it on my other finger because I love it and it's my nana's wedding ring.

The actress, who was pregnant at the time, went on to say it was "nice" to keep as many memories as she could because it took Scott so long to "propose".

"Matilda was there it was at Disneyland Paris and it was really really cute," she recalled. "I remember being like 'When is he going to propose? Where is my ring?'

"All my friends were so relieved when he finally did it because I was just so psycho about it. I was like 'This is our second child.' He waited until the very last minute and he knew I was absolutely psycho about it!" Helen added.

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