Here’s What Tim Burton Thinks About Cadillac’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Homage In Their Super Bowl Commercial

Tim Burton is opening up about what he thinks about the Edward Scissorhands homage featured in Cadillac’s Super Bowl Commercial.

The director weighted in on the casting of Timothee Chalamet as Edward and Kim Boggs’ son, Edgar.

“It’s rare when a work you’re proud of continues to live on and evolve with the times, even after 30 years,” Tim shared with the L.A. Times. “I’m glad to see Edgar coping with the new world! I hope both fans and those being introduced to Edward Scissorhands for the first time enjoy it.”

Previously, Timothee opened up to Vogue about portraying the character in the ad.

Edward Scissorhands was a movie I adored growing up, and the opportunity to step into that world was a dream come true,” he shared. “This was a wonderful opportunity to hopefully make the original material relatable to a modern audience without sacrificing the originality of the 1990 version. Instead, we wanted to create a character that didn’t make you blink in terms of a present-day setting but was a total homage to the character Johnny Depp created.”

He also revealed what a big fan of Tim Burton he was as well.

“While the projects I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of have often been grounded in realism and grounded in this universe, I’ve been increasingly—especially as I’ve gotten to know Tim over the past couple of months—drawn to fables and stories that get to the essence of who we are in fantastical fashion.”

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