Holly Hagan slams This Morning after doctor promoted an ‘800-calorie’ diet and begs fans to complain

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Holly Hagan has taken to her Instagram story to ask her fans and followers to complain to Ofcom about This Morning after Dr Michael Mosley encouraged viewers to sustain weight loss by following a "800-calorie-a-day diet".

The Geordie Shore star, 28, said she was “fuming” and “emotional” after watching the dieting segment on Friday 26 February, having suffered from an eating disorder herself.

Holly began to express her concerns in the first video as she announced: “Wow. I can not believe what I have just witnessed. On a programme, like This Morning, that has millions of viewers, there is a so-called doctor who is advocating eating 800 calories per day, showing exactly what this can be, saying the words ‘If you feel famished, you can have a handful of nuts,’ which doesn’t make sense as nuts are actually really calorie dense.

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“And saying ‘How do you keep the weight off at the end of this diet? Well, you remove everything from the cupboards,’ he said.

"‘You can’t keep chocolate in there, you can’t keep sweets in there. You can’t keep anything in your cupboards. That’s how you keep it off.’”

Holly went on: “Do you realise what you have just done? I’m actually getting really emotional about it because I don’t think they realise the platform they have that they could use to be able to help people,” before posting a caption which read: “I actually don’t think they realise what they’ve just allowed here and the platform that they have they could use to really help @thismorning.”

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OK! online has approached This Morning and ITV for comment.

The reality star stressed that the diet promoted by Dr Michael Mosley can easily turn into an eating disorder as she said: “There’s going to be some people who have watched that and will have gone, ‘Right, I’m going to eat my eggs in the morning, I’m going to have the soup for lunch, and I’m going to have that little bit of fish for dinner.’

“That diet can potentially turn into an eating disorder. Nobody should be on 800 calories per day. Nobody. Probably not even a child.”

Holly added: “Some teenagers are going to have watched that and they’re going to take that as gospel because a doctor has said so.

“Somebody who is uneducated about diets, somebody who’s maybe just had a baby. Somebody who doesn’t understand how calorie deficit doesn’t works and the correct way to do things. I’m absolutely f**cking fuming.”

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The MTV personality revealed she has been misled by “every s**t product and diets” out there, adding that something needs to be changed.

“I’m not a doctor but what I will tell you is you don’t have to get rid of every food in your cupboard, every bit of junk food,” she shared.

“You can actually incorporate it into your day and still be able to meet your goals. And actually, it’s going to keep you on track because you’re eating the foods you enjoy.”

Holly later said the expert shouldn’t even have the airtime as she pleaded her fans: “There is no need to do what this man said. Please do not listen to somebody like that just because they have a doctorate or whatever.

“It doesn’t mean they’ve got a f****g brain cell. It doesn’t mean this should be allowed airtime.”

In her final post, Holly shared a screenshot of how to complain to Ofcom as she wrote: “Please swipe up to make a complaint it takes two minutes that should not have been on tv!

“Kids are off school and likely watching with their parents this information need to be rectified by someone who actually know what they’re talking about.

“Not someone telling you to remove all foods from your cupboards to sustain your weight loss @thismorning,” she concluded.

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