Indonesian Volcano, Mount Sinabung, Erupts & Shoots Ash 3 Miles High

A volcano in Indonesia exploded in spectacular fashion this week, sending a tower of ash flying three miles high … leaving surrounding villages and communities shrouded in darkness.

Mount Sinabung erupted Monday on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, sending a massive column of volcanic ash spewing thousands of feet into the sky — 16,400 to be exact. Luckily, no one was killed or seriously hurt from the explosion, but there were warnings of lava flows.

Folks were advised to stay at least three miles away from the crater’s mouth, where lava could literally hijack the landscape. And, although the immediate area around the volcano has been roped off for years, people were still covered in ash below.

The AP reports up to 2 inches of ash gathered in some of the abandoned villages along the volcano’s slopes. People further out carried on like normal, apparently — except for the fact they had to turn on their car headlights to see through the darkness.

Mount Sinabung had been dormant for centuries before first erupting again in 2010 … and since then, it’s been active and experienced explosions a handful of times in the years to follow. The 2010 eruption killed two, 16 more were killed in 2014 and 7 died in 2016.

Reports say some 300,000 or so have been displaced from the area since the volcano started waking back up.

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