Influencer Emma Chamberlain Charged Fans $10,000 For An Instagram DM – And Twitter Is Dragging Her!

Emma Chamberlain, we need answers!

The YouTube sensation is the latest star to be in the hot seat after a fan noticed an OUTRAGEOUS service listed on her online store — for $10,000!! Saturday, 23-year-old Layla Saliba browsed the influencer’s website and noticed what she initially believed to be a typo, but quickly realized was actually dead serious. Apparently, Emma had a service listed for the price of $10,000 that would buy fans a “personal thank you note from Emma in Instagram DM.” Yes, you read that right. $10,000 for an IG DM.

Layla promptly screenshotted the ridiculous ask, and shared it to Twitter, writing:

“why is emma chamberlain charging 10K for an instagram DM this is wild”

See (below):

But don’t be worried, because as you can see (above), if you can’t afford the one-time payment of $10,000 large, there’s also the option to break it up into a year of $902.58 monthly payments. What world are we living in??!

Layla spoke with BuzzFeed News Monday about the wild situation, noting that she used to be a big fan, frequently tuning into her podcast, Anything Goes, but eventually stopped listening last year because of the 21-year-old’s lack of relatability:

“Nothing against her, but I’m a WOC working multiple jobs in grad school and I just got tired of someone who was very wealthy complain about how hard their life is.”

She added that after about six months, she decided to check back in to see what she had missed, and that’s when she stumbled upon the $10,000 DM available for purchase on her website. As of now, there’s been no word on whether anyone has actually purchased the DM, with Layla replying to her initial tweet “there aren’t any reviews yet so who knows” — but fellow Twitter users definitely had a LOT to say about the situation. Under Layla’s tweet, users wrote things like:

“10k?! All she did was get people obsessed with coffee and lipbalm (fair she is now in the fashion world – but still), this is insane!!”

“Truly anything goes”

“It’s wild that she did this but we need to see whoever paid the fee because they clearly have too much money on their hands”

See some of the best reactions (below):

Since Layla called out the ridiculous service, Emma’s online store has been listed as “under construction,” likely as a response to all the negative feedback. We’ll just have to wait and see if Emma and her team chime in on the situation!

Could YOU ever imagine yourself paying for something like that, Perezcious readers?? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below!

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