Ireland Baldwin Absolutely ROASTS David Dobrik Amid Sexual Assault Controversy

This David Dobrik controversy is murky and complicated and, well, frankly hard to understand for a lot of people. First off, there’s the strange pocket of fame he’s in: he’s one of the most famous people online, making literally millions of dollars a year from brand deals and ads on his vlog… and your mom probably has no idea who he is. Just ask her.

Then try to explain why he’s famous. LOLz! And that the kind of frat boy atmosphere his Vlog Squad got famous is all too similar to the kind of environment that not only typically allows sexual assault but often cheers it on. And now it IS his crew who just got hit with a sexual assault accusation.

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That’s where Ireland Baldwin is at with the controversy. The model took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, seemingly to wonder aloud about the YouTube star and his latest scandal. She wrote over a pic of her staring contemplatively:

“I’m so f**king deep in this David Dobrik s**t I don’t even know what’s going on.”

But she wasn’t done. She went HARD at the 24-year-old influencer, railing:

“How do these nerds graduate high school and become YouTube famous and make millions of dollars jerking off and eating McDonalds and farting on their friends and get millions of people to tune in.”

She then quipped:

“Imagine saying you’re in a f**king VLOG SQUAD.”

Ooooof, SAVAGE!

We have to say, she’s not wrong. Kids should get famous the right way: by having both parents be insanely good-looking, international movie stars.

Seriously, though, the messenger may not be the best choice for questioning their fame bona fides, but when she got to the heart of the matter, she was dead on.

For those who still haven’t seen, Dobrik’s former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, AKA Durte Dom, was accused of forcing himself on a girl who was too intoxicated to consent — while Dobrik and his pals laughed and filmed a video about it.

Ireland made the excellent point that it would be gross even if it wasn’t outright criminal:

“Those f**king videos of David Dobrik and his friends are f**king disgusting. that didn’t happen that long ago. Take away the alcohol. Add all of the consent in the world… you’re still making a video of a grown man watching young girls having s*x with your friends and reacting… for what? For all the young boys and girls who aspire to be like you to do the same?”

Yes, EXACTLY! Preach it, gurl!

This is the kind of atmosphere we’re trying to clean up on college campuses, but it’s being rewarded with sponsorships and brand deals when it’s entertainment for teens? Tweens even??

We don’t know if Dobrik should be treated as an accessory to sexual assault — but he should be judged for creating the kind of toxic environment where it was allowed to happen. And for turning that environment into a hit show that millions of kids watch.

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