Isabela Merced Reveals Sweet Girl Co-Star Jason Momoa Smells Like This

With all the talk about celebrity’s bathing habits lately, Isabela Merced has revealed something about her co-star Jason Momoa!

The 20-year-old actress and singer plays the Aquaman star’s daughter in the upcoming Netflix movie Sweet Girl.

In a recent interview talking up the movie, Isabela revealed how Jason smells…

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“He smells like Palo Santo,” she told People. “There was not one stinky moment. At least for me… [He smells like] a lot of essential oils, but like if you give him a hug, it’s like a breeze with Palo Santo coming from his armpit.”

If you didn’t know, Palo Santo is a wild tree native to Peru and Venezuela, and is often used to treat pain and stress, as well as to clear any negative energy.

In case you missed it, Jason was one of the celebrities who recently opened up about their bathing habits. See what he and others shared!

Be sure to check out Isabela and Jason in the Sweet Girl trailer and tune in when it’s released on Netflix NEXT Friday (August 20).

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