Jade Jagger fined for resisting arrest in Ibiza

Jade Jagger, who is the daughter of Mick Jagger, was pictured leaving court today in Ibiza after she and her boyfriend, Anthony Hinkson, were arrested on Wednesday.

Jade’s partner has been handed a four-month prison sentence for assault – but is not expected to do any jail time because sentences of less than two years are normally automatically suspended in Spain for first-time offenders.

She has also been ordered to pay £695 to a police officer she injured during a scuffle in Ibiza Town on Wednesday evening as well as £1215.

A court official said: “Court of Instruction Number One in Ibiza has held a speedy trial following a plea bargain deal against A.W and J.J who were arrested on Wednesday in Ibiza.

“The judge has convicted A.W of a crime of atentado contra la autoridad (assault) and handed him a four-month prison sentence.

“The same judge has fined JJ for a crime of serious resistance and a minor offence of wounding.

“The fine for the first offence is 10 euros daily over four months and for the second it is a 20-day fine at 10 euros a day.

“JJ must also compensate her victim with 800 euros.”

They were formally questioned by detectives on Thursday following a night in a police cell and were understood to have spent a second night in police custody ahead of their court transfer on Friday morning.

Police had not formally named them or released an official statement at the time of the incident on Wednesday.

Authorities on the island confirmed early on Friday: “The detainees arrested on Wednesday night will go to court today.”

The court ruling comes after Spanish police today announced they will take private legal action against Jade and her partner after their arrest outside La Oliva restaurant in Ibiza’s Old Town.

The Spanish police union SUP said it has instructed a lawyer to pursue a private prosecution against them – in addition to the official charges they were handed today.

“We are tired of seeing how assaults on police go virtually unpunished,” the union said in a statement today. “SUP will present a private legal action against Mick Jagger’s daughter for allegedly assaulting a National Police officer in Ibiza.”

Jade, 51, and Anthony, 31, arrived in court in Ibiza this morning.

The couple is believed to have been held for two nights in police custody after he allegedly assaulted a police officer and wounded police officers following a row with staff at the La Oliva restaurant.

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