Jana Kramer's ex says she had an affair with her DWTS partner


The floodgates have been opened… In late May 2022, Jana Kramer’s ex-boyfriend publicly opened up about her alleged bad behavior over the course of their relationship, kicking off a “he-said, she-said” situation that led to the former Navy SEAL dropping some major bombshells about the “One Tree Hill” alum. Wonderwall.com rounded up all the wild things they said about each other this week. But first, let’s take a look back at what sparked the drama… In late April, Jana Kramer revealed that her relationship with Ian Schinelli — her first boyfriend following her spring 2021 split from third husband Mike Caussin — had come to an end. Initially, she was vague about the circumstances that led to the breakup. Then on the May 10 episode of Catt Sadler’s “It Sure Is A Beautiful Day” podcast, the singer-actress described herself as “emotionally exhausted” from the split and hinted at what went wrong: “I don’t want to be with someone that just lied to me,” she said. “When I truly love myself, I will never settle for things ever again. I give a lot of grace for people, and I understand people make mistakes. But there’s certain boundaries that I’ve just done such a bad job of sticking to.” Her comments sparked rumors that Ian was unfaithful. Two weeks later, he shared his side of the story with Us Weekly…

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Ian claims he dumped Jana over her “toxicity”

Ian Schinelli told Us Weekly that he “walked away” from Jana Kramer once he realized there were certain things about her that were just “not good” for him. “I had talked to a few people and realized that there was just a very strong, anxious attachment she has, and this may be due in part to her ex [Mike Caussin, who serially cheated on her] … [but] it went on for the entire relationship. I got to a breaking point where I just could not handle it because I had tried — I truly did. I really do care about her, and I still do, but it got to a point where I had to walk away. … Her patterns and toxicity. It’s like, I literally cut off fuel in my life to make your life as easy as possible. I didn’t ask for anything except for me to go to the gym,” he said, adding that he tried “to do as much as possible around the house” to please his then-girlfriend. The former Navy SEAL went on to say that he decided to speak out after he read that Jana described herself as “emotionally exhausted” from their breakup: “It’s funny because those are the words that I used and now I see her using it,” he alleged. “It was comical. I had said that. … I’m not trying to hurt her. I just wish she would stop saying that she’s healing or that she’s trying to help other people who have trauma or, you know, she’s happy alone. She’s not. She has anxious attachment. And until she actually is happy alone, she’ll never be happy.” Jana immediately fired back…

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Jana says Ian cheated on her — and Ian admits he cheated on his ex-wife!

Jana Kramer told Us Weekly that she broke up with Ian Schinelli because he “lied about cheating on his ex-wife.” Claimed the singer-actress, “She has become a friend of mine and I was trying to protect her privacy, but she has now given me permission to speak on her behalf. Ian is angry because all of his lies have been figured out and is now twisting the story. I have since found out from many women I was not the only one during our relationship, but I’m happily moving on with my life and I hope for him to do the same.” Ian fessed up to cheating on his former love, saying, “I apologized to my ex-wife and owned my mistakes. … Jana is hurt and is using it against me.” He denied cheating on Jana, though: “I went all in with Jana. Opened up. [I was] vulnerable. Gave her everything in my life and my past. … Now that I walked away from her — from her extremely toxic behavior — she is using all of the secrets and information I expressed with her against me. … She was the only one during our relationship,” he claimed, insisting that he “divulged” everything about his past indiscretions to Jana when they first started dating. He then made several bombshell allegations about the singer-actress…

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Ian claims Jana had an affair with her “Dancing With the Stars” partner Gleb Savchenko

On May 26, Us Weekly reported that, according to multiple sources, Jana Kramer hooked up with her partner, Gleb Savchenko, on season 23 of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2016. At the time, she was separated from her third husband, Mike Caussin, but Gleb was still married to Elena Samodanova, from whom he split in late 2020. “Jana has admitted to me that she slept with two guys while Mike was in rehab [for sex addiction]. She slept with Gleb. She justified it saying, ‘We were legally separated,'” her most recent ex, Ian Schinelli, told Us Weekly. “She even tried to meet up with Gleb while we were dating. He was doing a show in Nashville and she asked me if it was OK if she met up with him. I said, ‘As long as there was nothing there anymore,’ and she said, ‘No.’ She never went and said it was out of respect for me.”

Ian claims Jana wanted her “The Holiday Fix Up” co-star Ryan McPartlin to leave his wife for her

Jana Kramer’s ex-boyfriend, Ian Schinelli, told Us Weekly that the singer-actress has “been with two co-stars where she tried to get them to leave their wives” for her. She allegedly told the former Navy SEAL she had feelings for her “The Holiday Fix Up” co-star Ryan McPartlin and wanted him “to choose” her over his wife, Danielle Kirlin (pictured). “For the first three weeks of dating her, she had a picture of him in the bathroom — a signed picture,” Ian said. (Ryan, by the way, has been married to Danielle, with whom he shares two children, for nearly two decades.)

Ian claims Jana and Kristin Cavallari had “a falling out” after the singer-actress dated the reality star’s ex-husband

Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler sent shockwaves through Nashville when they started spending time together in the summer of 2021 — fresh off her breakup from Mike Caussin and his split from Kristin Cavallari, who’d been friends with the “One Tree Hill” alum for years. While Jana-friendly sources tried to downplay the friendship, Kristin told Us Weekly herself in August 2021 that she and the singer-actress hung out and were even in the same social bubble during the coronavirus pandemic. (Later, a different Us Weekly source said that Jay only went out with Jana to make his ex-wife jealous.) Jana’s most recent ex-boyfriend, Ian Schinelli, told Us Weekly of her relationship with Kristin, “They don’t have a relationship. They’re not friends. They had a falling out.”

Ian claims Jana was controlling, paranoid and manipulative

Ian Schinelli alleged to Us Weekly that Jana Kramer asked him to move in with her “within a month.” Said the former Navy SEAL, “She’s, like, talking about getting engaged within a year. … I’m thinking, ‘Well, this is the pattern because you got married [three] times.’ Everything’s a shotgun thing. I would have to kind of hold some reservation, like, I can’t do that. I can’t just jump into it.” He then claimed that the “One Tree Hill” alum gave him “guilt trips” to make him “feel bad” about “doing anything that I enjoyed” — like going to the gym instead of working out at her home gym. “I was like, ‘Aright, well, I’ll sacrifice some of that,'” he said, adding that his ex had “this very low-key manipulative nature.” Eventually, she “cut off everybody” in his life, he claimed. “I was not allowed to be around other females. I was constantly asked why I was going here. Or if I went to the gym, why am I going back to the gym? Why do I need to go back a second time?” he recalled. “Most of the time, I would try to work at her place because it made her feel safe. … I’d go back to my place every so often or I’d go into the office, and it was like, ‘Hey, when are you coming back?’ Like, I don’t need to be asked these things. I’m trying to work.” So he offered to let her track his phone. She declined at first but allegedly circled back a few weeks later asking him to download a tracking app. “This was a few months in, but I said, ‘Why now? I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong in any capacity.’ And she goes, ‘Well, how come before you said it was OK?’ I’m like, again, it was, but now it’s under your control. It’s under your timeline. And that’s how a lot of the stuff went,” he explained.

Ian claims Jana aggressively pursued a reconciliation with him

Ian Schinelli told Us Weekly there’s “zero chance” he’d reconcile with Jana Kramer, whom he accused of “manipulating” friends and romantic partners. He claims, however, that she wrote him a three-page letter “about us getting back together” and even emailed his best friend about a potential reconciliation. “I have a 45-minute voice recording of me walking out of her house and saying, ‘I can’t do this anymore,'” he claimed. He then accused the “One Tree Hill” alum of spinning their breakup to the press because “it’s a ratings thing” and “she needs the attention.” Said Ian, “I get it, but it’s also f****** sad. Like you could have just said, ‘Hey, we split. I wish him the best,’ and everything would’ve been fine. But now she’s going down a path that I truly wish she would realize is not a good one.” He went on to say that Jana is “still reaching out” to people in his life including his mother and stepmother, whom she texted on Mother’s Day. “She’s still reaching out to people that she does not know. People that I had been with [and] ‘dated,'” he said. As for her newfound friendship with his ex-wife, “Nobody’s actually friends with [Jana]. It’s a manipulation tactic. It’s what she does,” he said.

Ian claims Jana lies to her therapists and convinced her best friend to get a divorce

Ian Schinelli told Us Weekly that “therapy’s not working” for Jana Kramer because she allegedly tells therapists “a certain version” of events that isn’t necessarily accurate. “She has told me she has lied to literally every therapist she’s been with,” he said, adding that the singer-actress and her friends all see the same therapist. He then claimed that Jana “basically convinced” her best friend “to get a divorce from her husband.” (He was likely referring to Jana’s BFF and “Whine Down” podcast co-host Kathryn Vieira Woodard, who recently announced she’s ending her marriage.)

Ian says Jana is insecure

Ian Schinelli told Us Weekly that ex Jana Kramer “wants to feel chosen” by men. “The thing is, I did [choose her],” he said. “I cut off every person that I had been talking to. … I had kind of gone on that path. I wanted to take on, like, not necessarily her lifestyle, but her friends and be involved with the things that she was doing. And we both had kids. And so I tried to get back into that ‘family aspect.’ I lost a little bit of myself, but I was trying to cater to what she needs so that she felt comfortable the entire time.”

Ian allegedly bragged about gaining social media followers through his romance with Jana

A Jana Kramer-friendly source told Us Weekly that Ian Schinelli “claims he wanted to be private, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.” Said the source, “This is all a desperate attempt to further grow his following. Ian always bragged about how many followers he was gaining while dating Jana. … [She’s] moved on and is moving on with her life and wishes him well.”

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