Joanna Gaines Finally Reveals Why She Loves Christmas Trees so Much

Joanna Gaines really loves Christmas and fans can experience how much she treasures it at the Magnolia Market at the Silos in Texas. The interior designer has transformed the retail complex into a holiday wonderland for everyone to feast their eyes on. Gaines has also showcased her love for Christmas trees and in a recent blog post explains why.

Why Joanna Gaines loves her Christmas trees

Fans that follow Gaines on social media have seen that she has fully immersed herself in the Christmas spirit. At the beginning of November, the interior designer shared an endearing photo of herself and her youngest son Crew decorating a tree. Now, the Magnolia Table star is now talking about her love for the decorated trees.

“There’s no shortage of reasons why I love Christmas trees. I would put one in every room of our house if my kids would let me,” Gaines said in a blog post. “There’s the traditions and ornaments, and the meaning they each carry, for one thing. With each new year, we get to take the best parts of every Christmas past and unpack them for Christmas present. That, in and of itself, always feels like a gift.”

Anyone that follows Gaines knows that she has a particular aesthetic that has set trends across the nation. Gaines cited that Christmas “has a way of calling out” her “different design personalities.”

“For as much as I anticipate the nostalgia of tradition that comes with the holidays, I also love to lean into the celebratory side of the season by dressing things up a bit with a more sophisticated and elevated style,” she continued. “Then there’s the whimsy and wonder that I can’t help but get swept up in every year, lending itself to colorful and playful details that bring out the kid in all of us.”

Furthermore, check out Joanna’s blog post for more photos of the three trees she set up in her house.
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