Kanye West’s $57 Million Malibu Home Gutted and Far From Completion

Kanye West may have been hit by the supply chain crisis, because his floor-to-ceiling renovation of his Malibu home is far from completion.

Ye paid just a skosh over $57 million for the Malibu beachfront home. He’s using a famous architect … Tadao Ando, but even he can’t seem to accelerate the process. Then again, Kanye is famous for coming up with a plan and then changing it until it’s exactly to his liking.

The home is 4,000 square feet … which is huge by Malibu standards for beachfront property … thus the hefty price tag. BTW, when Kanye bought it it was listed for $75 million.

It’s pretty austere … which is Kanye’s thing. The house he designed for his family — which Kim Kardashian now owns — is also minimalist.

Speaking of Kim, the Malibu house is around a half-hour drive to hers … assuming traffic isn’t snarled, and in Malibu that’s often a bad assumption.

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