Kate Garraway’s GMB co-star admits ‘I want to look after her’ amid husband’s health ordeal

GMB: Kate Garraway opens up on 'reality' of coronavirus

Kate Garraway, 53, has had a rough old year but has been thankful to have such wonderful friends and family around her, both at home and work. While she continues to be a pinnacle of strength for her children while husband Derek Draper, remains in hospital recovering from the after-effects of coronavirus, her Good Morning Britain co-star Laura Tobin, vowed to help her in any way she can.

She looking after everyone else, so I wanted to look after her

Laura Tobin

In a recent interview, the fan-favourite weather presenter admitted it was difficult not living close to her friend in order to be there to offer immediate support when she needs it.

“You just want to feel helpful but it’s hard,” she said after revering she had purchased Kate a massage so she can release some stress and have some “me time”.

Laura continued: “I don’t live near her, so I can’t take the kids off her hands. So, I asked her if she’d like massage.

“She’s looking after everyone else, so I wanted to look after her.

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“She grounds everybody when she’s in the studio, she’s just amazing.”

The meteorologist added that she was “in awe” of how Kate has handled the on-going nightmare.

Laura shrugged: “She’s always got lots of plates spinning anyway, but I guess she has this one big patly spinning all the time.

“She comes to [the studio] really early to get prepared for the show and remembers every interview she’s ever done,” she gushed, noting that Kate is “one of the smartest people” she knows.

Her kind words come after Kate revealed Derek’s health battle had put immense pressure on her co-host Ben Shephard.

Thanking everyone for all the support she and her family has received throughout this harrowing year, she admitted Ben also suffered “huge pressure” while trying to support his friend.

In conversation with OK! Magazine in a separate interview to Laura, the presenter praised him for being there for her 24/7 during her times of need, despite the stress of his own life.

“It’s been phenomenal,” she said.

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“For 20 years, Ben has had to do so much for me, but this year has been another level.

“He has been at the end of the phone and trying to do everything that he can to help. To be serious for a minute, it has been a huge pressure on him.”

She was of course referring to the constant worry surrounding Derek’s health and the stress of presenting GMB weekday mornings.

“It’s a huge thing and I’m grateful that he has been there and I’m aware how it’s been for him, she said, gushing: “He has been amazing.”

In the interview, Ben recalled the moment Kate rang him and told him about Derek’s declining health.

“It seems like a lifetime ago now,” he admitted.

“I genuinely can’t explained my pride, admiration and love for what Kate has been through, and Bill and Darcey, and how remarkable she has been in juggling the number of different factors.

“There’s not a day when I don’t think about her and whet I can do something to help her.”

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